//EDIT YOUR MySQL Connection Info: 
   DB_Server = "localhost";        //your MySQL ServerDB_Username = "";                 //your MySQL User Name  
   DB_Password = "";                //your MySQL PasswordDB_DBName = "";                //your MySQL Database Name  
   DB_TBLName = "";                //your MySQL Table Name    //DB_TBLName,  DB_DBName, may also be commented out&passed to the browser   //as parameters in a query string, so that this code may be easily reused for   //any MySQL table or any MySQL database on your server   //DEFINE SQL QUERY:   //you can use just about ANY kind of select statement you want -   //edit this to suit your needs!sql = "Select * from DB_TBLName";   //Optional: print out title to top of Excel or Word file with Timestamp   //for when file was generated:   //setUse_Titel = 1 to generate title, 0 not to use title 
   Use_Title = 1;   //define date for title: EDIT this to create the time-format you neednow_date = date('m-d-Y H:i'); 
   //define title for .doc or .xls file: EDIT this if you want 
   title = "Dump For TableDB_TBLName from Database DB_DBName onnow_date"; 
   Leave the connection info below as it is: 
   just edit the above. 
   (Editing of code past this point recommended only for advanced users.) 
   //create MySQL connection 
   Connect = @mysql_connect(DB_Server, DB_Username,DB_Password) 
       or die("Couldn't connect to MySQL:<br>" . mysql_error() . "<br>" . mysql_errno()); 
   //select database 
   Db = @mysql_select_db(DB_DBName, Connect)       or die("Couldn't select database:<br>" . mysql_error(). "<br>" . mysql_errno());   //execute queryresult = @mysql_query(sql,Connect) 
       or die("Couldn't execute query:<br>" . mysql_error(). "<br>" . mysql_errno()); 
   //if this parameter is included (w=1), file returned will be in word format ('.doc')   //if parameter is not included, file returned will be in excel format ('.xls')   if (isset(w) && (w==1))   {file_type = "msword"; 
       file_ending = "doc";   }else {file_type = ""; 
       file_ending = "xls";   }   //header info for browser: determines file type ('.doc' or '.xls')   header("Content-Type: application/file_type"); 
   header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=database_dump.file_ending");   header("Pragma: no-cache");   header("Expires: 0");   /*    Start of Formatting for Word or Excel    */   if (isset(w) && (w==1)) //check forw again 
       /*    FORMATTING FOR WORD DOCUMENTS ('.doc')   */ 
       //create title with timestamp: 
       if (Use_Title == 1)       {          echo("titlenn"); 
      //define separator (defines columns in excel & tabs in word) 
       sep = "n"; //new line character       while(row = mysql_fetch_row(result))       {           //set_time_limit(60); // HaRaschema_insert = ""; 
           //define field names 
          field_name = mysql_field_name(result,j);           //will show name of fieldsschema_insert .= "field_name:t";               if(!isset(row[j])) {schema_insert .= "NULL".sep;                   }               elseif (row[j] != "") {schema_insert .= "row[j]".sep;                   }               else {schema_insert .= "".sep;                   }           }schema_insert = str_replace(sep."", "", schema_insert);schema_insert .= "t"; 
           print(trim(schema_insert));           //end of each mysql row           //creates line to separate data from each MySQL table row           print "n----------------------------------------------------n";       }   }else{       /*    FORMATTING FOR EXCEL DOCUMENTS ('.xls')   */       //create title with timestamp:      if (Use_Title == 1) 
           echo("titlen");       }       //define separator (defines columns in excel&tabs in word)sep = "t"; //tabbed character 
       //start of printing column names as names of MySQL fields 
      for (i = 0;i < mysql_num_fields(result);i++) 
           echo mysql_field_name(result,i) . "t"; 
       //end of printing column names 
       //start while loop to get data 
       while(row = mysql_fetch_row(result)) 
           //set_time_limit(60); // HaRa 
           schema_insert = "";           for(j=0; j<mysql_num_fields(result);j++)           {              if(!isset(row[j]))schema_insert .= "NULL".sep;              elseif (row[j] != "")schema_insert .= "row[j]".sep;              elseschema_insert .= "".sep;          }schema_insert = str_replace(sep."", "", schema_insert);           //following fix suggested by Josue (thanks, Josue!)           //this corrects output in excel when table fields contain n or r           //these two characters are now replaced with a spaceschema_insert = preg_replace("/rn|nr|n|r/", " ", schema_insert);schema_insert .= "t"; 
           print "n"; 
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